Main Background


RDO Compendium is a bot that allows you to locate different types of collectibles, missions, herbs, animals, shops, treasures, and more within Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. If this interests you at all, invite the bot, follow the instructions, then type !help to get started!


As the bot is starting to be used by more and more users around the world, we're looking for translators to help us reach a broader audience. While most of the game content has already been translated, command responses and the like have mostly been left untouched. To allow users who are not native English speakers, we've decided to open up translation efforts.

If you are adept at a foreign language, feel free to help translate the bot by visiting the translation page, signing up for an account, and translating. All your efforts are greatly appreciated by us and our audience.


The bot has a Patreon page. Thank you for wanting to support the bot! Sincerely, it helps a lot that you even considered donating today. This bot was made by just me, and so far quite a few cups of tea have gone into making this bot work like it does. It may not always be perfect, but it means a lot to me that you appreciated it enough to consider making a donation. Thanks a lot! - Bob Ross

More information coming soon...

As you may be able to tell, it's a little empty here. For right now, this is all she wrote. However, expect to see more information such as guides, support articles and more in the near future. If you want to keep up to date, feel free to join the bot's Discord. If you're more of a Tweeter, make sure to follow @RDOCompendium on Twitter for updates.